Mithril Dashboard Overview

All your websites' data in a single view

Blocked attacks and alerts

Data enrichment and correlation

  • Total amount of HTTP requests handled, blocked, or served by the cache in a customizable timespan.
  • Overview about Bad Bot activities and Login/Logout/Login failed events.
  • Quick actions make you able to quickly change your Mithril configuration like WAF Engine, Cache Purging, Enabling DoS Protection, etc…
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  • All blocked requests and alert events in a single view in which you can specify filters and queries, and inspect every single HTTP request.
  • Views grouped by Geolocation, Device, Browser type, or Operating System type.
  • Quick ban and unban specific source IP address or country
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  • For each request or alert, Mithril enriches it with additional information about geographic location, fingerprint device, session id, device type, OS type, and many others.
  • Mithril can correlate events and information such as users logged in from different geographical locations or different browser types with the same session.
  • With Mithril Web Console you can view all events filtered by geographic location or from a specific fingerprinted device or a specific logged user.
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Mithril's Solutions in cloud

as-a-service deployment of WAF, bot mitigation,
DDoS protection, and API security

Caching and Always Online

Keep your website always online and continue providing content to your users even when your website is down. They won’t even notice!

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DDoS Mitigation and protection

Put cyber security first. Keep you website safe and free from DDoS attacks, and protect your business as well as your clients.

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Bot Management

Forget any kind of bot and all security risks which can threaten your web space. Mithrill will manage every issue for you.

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Virtual Patching

Identify and fix each vulnerability on your website and web application thanks to a patch without modifying code.

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// How Mithril is structured

Mithril's Technical Features

Learn more about Mithril features and be aware
that Mithril is a Web Application and API Protection.

So it doesn’t just inspect HTTP requests over a list of rules, but it has a lot of modules that extend the Web Application Firewall (WAF)
functionalities. Here they are, ready for use on your digital assets!

Proxy Caching and Service Worker

Convert your digital assets to an offline website or web application and let the users put all static contents in the browser cache and then select what to keep or not.

Mithril distributes cache among all its nodes, and gives users control about what or what not to put in their cache. Thanks to its Cache API, any user can completely purge all cache or just delete a single content.

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Application Layer 7 DoS Mitigation

Put cyber security first. Keep your website safe and free from DDOS attacks: you will protect your business as well as your clients.

DDoS-for-hire services, also known as booters or stressers, offer malicious actors an easy way to anonymously attack any Internet-connected target. Using such services, anyone can send millions of HTTP requests against any target website, in order to exhaust the web server’s resources, making it unresponsive or unreachable.

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JavaScript Challenge and four Bad Bot generations

Turn on JavaScript Challenge as an additional, temporary defense for your website when you are under DDoS attack, and defeat four bad bot generations.

Bad Bots have evolved during the last decade in four different generations. Let’s learn more about them, in order to understand how Bad Bot Protection works.

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Learning Phase and Response Filtering

Identify and fix each vulnerability on your website and web application thanks to a patch without modifying code, by identifying different types of contents.

One of the hardest things to do during the learning phase is to identify all query string and body parameters having a well-known format. This refers to: “numeric only”, alphabetical, alphanumeric, etc.. among all content types requested such as form urlencoded, JSON, XML, multipart, and many others.

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Discover the application areas in which Mithril is successfully operating


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Talk about Mithril security solutions for this industry


Talk about Mithril security solutions for this industry

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