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Let’s find out why Mithril Bot Management

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Choose Mithril to manage bots on your digital assets, and block malicious bots that can scrap sensitive data or damage your website.

Why do you need Mithril Bot Management?

Using Mithril you’ll be able to identify humans, good bots and bad bots, connecting to your website or web application. Our Bad Bot Detection module is able to filter out unwanted Automated Threats without affecting the user’s experience with a CAPTCHA or invasive landing page.
Mithril’s solution has a Browser validation and fingerprint in order to identify automated browsers and webdriver.

How do bad bots like Impersonator hurt your website?

One of the most frequent bad bots that affect every website is called “Impersonator”. Often website and e-commerce disable filters and rate limits for search engine crawlers (such as Google bot). Attackers exploit this privileged access by impersonating Google doing activities such as vulnerability scans, spidering, spamming, etc without being blocked.

What can Mithril do to protect your website against Impersonator bots and other ones?

Mithril is able to uncover Impersonator by multiple checks on the connecting IP, reverse DNS, and request headers alerting you if someone is impersonating a search engine or a good bot for unauthorized content scraping or frauds.

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No interruption for your users means great experience on your website

As minimal and almost invisible as a CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA is, it represents a navigation interruption. Therefore, using CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA can be a user experience killer for your users and customers. Mithril is the best solution to easily tell humans and bad bots apart without bugging your users.

Identification of hundreds of good bots

It’s all about the difference between good and bad, even in the bot management

A bot management strategy needs to avoid blocking the good bots, while mitigating the bad ones with malicious intent. So Mithril identifies hundreds of good bots which provide helpful service, like search engine crawlers, social bot, instant messaging bot, e-commerce service bot, and many others.

Fingerprint authentication and WebDriver detection

Increase the security of your digital assets for you and your customers

WebDriver is a remote control interface that enables control of a browser like Chrome or Firefox. By doing it, a Bad Bot could use a real browser doing automated tasks like account takeover, spam, fraud, and abuse of functionalities. Mithril is able to understand if a browser is controlled by a WebDriver or not.

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Find out the most important features of Mithril Bot Management:

Bad Bot Defense

Detecting and blocking bad bots

Mithril Bot Management protects your digital assets from automated attacks by bad bots and other malicious tools.

Stolen Credential Protection

Keep your username and password safe

The Bot Management protects against credential stuffing attacks, which aims to steal username and password.


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