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Cloud cybersecurity solutions

As a Web Application and API Protection, Mithril offers a wide range of cloud cybersecurity solutions. It combines cloud-delivered as-a-service deployment of WAF, bot mitigation, DDoS protection, and API security. Learn more about Mithril solutions!

Caching and Always Online

Mithril stands in front of your websites, and it can improve performances and response time by a lot of modules. One of them is the “Caching & Always Online” module. Thanks to it, Mithril can serve static content instead of your web server and put it in the browser cache, creating an offline version of your website.

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DDoS Mitigation and protection

Distributed Denial of Service or Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are becoming easy to perform thanks to “DoS for hire” services also known as “Booter/Stresser” services. Many criminal organizations sell their DoS service for a few dollars a month and anyone can buy these services to attack any websites on the internet.

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Bot Management

Using Mithril you’ll be able to identify humans, good bot, and bad bot connecting to your website or web application. Our Bad Bot Detection module is able to filter out unwanted Automated Threats without affecting the user’s experience with a CAPTCHA or invasive landing page. This aspect is a great innovation.

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Virtual Patching

Many customers choose our Mithril service to apply virtual patches on their web application. Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Team will test your web application, looking for misconfiguration and vulnerabilities. Once done, Mithril can patch each vulnerability found without modifying code.

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