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DDoS Mitigation and protection

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Distributed Denial of Service or Denial of Service (DoS)

This attacks are becoming easy to perform thanks to “DoS for hire” services also known as “Booter/Stresser” services.

Let’s have an overview of the current situation of DDoS attacks.
Many criminal organizations sell their DoS service for a few dollars a month. Anyone can buy these services to attack any websites on the internet. These kinds of attacks are also known as “Volumetric Attacks’‘ or “Application Layer DoS”.

How does a DDoS attack work?
A criminal sends a lot of HTTP requests and connections to a website exhausting web server resources and making it unreachable by legitimate users. Usually, these connections seem to come from a legit user using a real browser but it isn’t.

How can DDoS attacks be prevented?
Protecting a website from this kind of threat is never easy, because it’s not enough to have a big server that could handle a lot of requests or connections. It’s necessary to recognize Bad Bot from Good Bot and real users. Moreover, it’s essential to block the attack before reaching your website. Therefore, Mithril has a JavaScript challenge that can easily block Bad Bot and block volumetric layer 7 attacks, handling all bad connections and saving your web server from downtime and network costs.

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Automatic DoS protection

The protection of your data center from denial-of-service

Mithril continuously monitors the request per second rate of your web application and activates its DoS Protection when there’s a deviation from normal usage. It detects and mitigates a wide variety of malicious traffic patterns and packet types, also referred to as attack vectors or attack signatures.

JavaScript Challenge

The additional and temporary defense for your website when you are under DDoS attacks

DoS for hire, booters, and stresser services usually need to run as many connections as they can, so they often use simple scripts that are unable to execute JavaScript. With Mithril JavaScript Challenge, you’ll be able to block these scripts before hitting your website and your server.

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Scale up or down the number of compute resources at any time according to your needs

Mithril nodes scale automatically based on the customer’s website traffic, so they can handle a lot of connections and requests per second in order to protect your website and your server from volumetric attacks and Application Layer DoS.


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